Product Discovery – IDEC RH Series Compact Power Relay


RH Series Compact Power Relay

Key Features:RHSeries

  • SPST through 4PDT, 10A contacts
  • Compact power type relays
  • MIniature power relays with a large capacity
  • 10A contact capacity
  • Compact size saves space

RH series relays are widely used in instrumentation and industrial equipment. With its compact body, its ideal for those applications that are tight on space. They have up to a 10 amp contact capacity and are available from single pole double throw through 4 pole double throw. Plug in styles can be mounted using either panel mount, PCB mount, or DIN rail mount sockets. Terminal types are available in blade type and PCB. The PCB terminal relays are designed to mount directly to a circuit board without any socket. A DIN rail mount socket is available as an accessory for the blade terminals. There are 7 models for the RH Series. The models include: standard, indicator, check button, indicator and check button, top bracket mounting, diode, and indicator and diode (DC coil only). IDEC’s RH series compact power relays, along with thousands of other products and services are available at


Product Discovery – Molex’s MX150L Industrial Sealed Connector System


MX150L Industrial Sealed Connector System


Molex’s MX150L Industrial Sealed Connector System is designed to meet the need for a rugged, environmentally sealed connector system supporting both low-level signal applications as well as power applications up to 40.0A, from marine applications to off-road construction equipment applications. The system is comprised of wire-to-wire, wire-to-panel and wire-to-board configurations.

  • Environmentally sealed to IP67
  • Integrated mat wire seal
  • Integrated interface seal and terminal position assurance
  • Simple crimp-and-poke application
  • Field serviceable contact removal system
  • Tactile and audible mating feedback
  • Consumer
    • Security Systems
  • Industrial Automation
    • Automation equipment
    • Process controls
  • Transportation
    • ATVs
    • Air Bag sensors
    • Boating
    • Construction equipment
    • Farm equipment
    • Heavy equipment systems
    • Marine equipment
    • Off-road vehicles
    • Trucks
Manufacturer Part Number Description Connector Type Contact Type Number of Positions Pitch
MX-19418-0016 CONN RECEPT 2POS 18-22AWG SINGLE Receptacle Female Socket 2 0.230″ (5.84mm)
MX-19418-0018 CONN RECEPT 4POS 18-22AWG DUAL Receptacle Female Socket 4 0.230″ (5.84mm)
MX-19418-0019 CONN RECEPT 4POS 14-16AWG DUAL Receptacle Female Socket 4 0.230″ (5.84mm)
MX-19418-0023 CONN RECEPT 8POS 14-16AWG DUAL Receptacle Female Socket 8 0.230″ (5.84mm)
MX-19418-0024 CONN RECEPT 10POS 18-22AWG DUAL Receptacle Female Socket 10 0.230″ (5.84mm)
MX-19418-0025 CONN RECEPT 10POS 14-16AWG DUAL Receptacle Female Socket 10 0.230″ (5.84mm)
MX-19418-0037 CONN RCPT 12POS 14-16AWG Receptacle Female Socket 12 0.230″ (5.84mm)
MX-19418-0039 CONN RCPT 12POS 14-16AWG Receptacle Female Socket 12 0.230″ (5.84mm)
MX-19419-0004 CONN PLUG 4POS 14-16AWG DUAL Plug Male Pin 4 0.230″ (5.84mm)

Featured Manufacturer of the Month: Molex

MolexFeatured Manufacturer of the Month: Molex

This month’s featured manufacturer is a leading one-source supplier of interconnect products. Molex focuses on the design, development and distribution of innovative product solutions that touch virtually every walk of life. Their portfolio is among the world’s most extensive, with over 100,000 reliable products, including everything from electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnects to switches and application tooling. For more than 75 years, Molex has been an industry innovator, delivering proven solutions to various sectors including automotive, aerospace, computing, consumer, medical, and scientific.

“As a leading provider of electronic components and solutions, Molex views innovation as a tool for solving complex customer challenges. This philosophy has helped us not only create many pioneering electronic solutions, but also build a globally recognized company. Through standard-setting products, high-performance people and a globally collaborative process, we are committed to anticipating tomorrow’s needs and helping our customers engineer breakthroughs that make the world better.”

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Product Discovery – Energizer® Ultimate Lithium


Ultimate Lithium

Ultimate Lithium – Worlds longest lasting AA, AAA Batteries

For the L91countless power hungry devices that you can’t live without, get the lithium battery technology that’s proven to be the world’s longest AA and AAA batteries in high-tech devices.


  • Lasts up to 9x longer in digital cameras (results vary by camera)
  • Weighs 1/3 less than standard alkaline batteries
  • Performs in extreme temperatures from -40°F to 140°F
  • Holds power for 15 years when not in use
  • Leak resistant construction


  • Digital cameras
  • Photo flash units
  • Handheld GPS devices


  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium
  • Termination Style: Button Top (Extending)
  • Voltage – Rated: 1.5V
Manufacturer Part Number


Battery Chemistry Battery Cell Size

Voltage Rate








Product Discovery – Energizer Hard Case Professional LED Spotlight

Energizer  Model # HCSP61E
Hard Case Pro 6AA LED Spotlight


Serious professionals need serious lighting. On site or in the field Hard Case Professional LED Spotlight offers the rugged dependability of the original Hard Case combined with innovative LED technology

Features & Benefits:

  • LED bulbs produces a tight white spot light with an intense focused beam
  • Ideal for long distance applications and searching
  • Rugged ABS, steel and rubber construction stands up to a wide range of outdoor activities
  • Durable light survives drops up to 7 meters and feature a shatterproof lens
  • Includes 6 Energizer MAX AA batteries


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Featured Manufacturer of the Month: Energizer


Featured Manufacturer of the Month: Energizer

This month’s featured manufacturer is one of the world’s largest makers of primary batteries, portable battery powered devices, portable flashlights and lanterns. Energizer has been in the lighting and battery business for over 100 years and has extensive experience in designing products for a wide variety of applications. Their products are designed for use in rugged or hazardous environment and have built-in features that protect the user as well as the unit.

With a dedication to research and development,  Energizer continuously challenges themselves to find better, smarter, and more innovated products for users across a wide range of industries. With such a drive to continuously to improve it is clear why Energizer continues to be a leader in developing brighter lights, batteries with advanced performance, engineered rugged housings, and increased functionality of lights.

Energizer’s outstanding reputation is why Electronic Industries offers a broad range of batteries and flashlights to their customers. Check out our stock on Energizer’s products. 

Energizer Bunny

New Products From B&W International !

B&W Internationalbw

Tough Cases

  • Removable hinges for detaching the lid (Type 3000-6000)
  • Case shells made from impact resistant polypropylene (PP)
  • Designed for Temperatures Ranging from -40 up to + 80°C
  • STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41 and IP 67 Certified
  • Automatic Air Pressure Relief Valve
  • Shock Resistant, Crack Proof, Stackable
  • Dustproof & Watertight
  • O-Ring Seal
  • Easy Open Latches
  • Comfort Grip Handle
  • Padlock Eyelets
  • Space For Individual Name Plate
  • 30 Year Warranty



  • Interior Measurements: 12.95 x 9.17 x 5.98 inch
  • Exterior Measurements: 14.33 x 11.61 x 6.65 inch
  • Weight: 5.07 pounds
  • Max. Load: 66.13 pounds
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  • Interior Measurements: 17.01 x 11.85 x 6.69 inch
  • Exterior measurements: 18.38 x 14.37 x 7.40 inch
  • Weight: 10.58 pounds
  • Max. Load: 66.13 pounds
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  • Interior Measurements: 18.62 x 13.82 x 7.74 inch
  • Exterior Measurements: 20.08 x 16.50 x 8.46 inch
  • Weight: 11.02 pounds
  • Max. Load: 66.13 pounds
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  • Interior Measurements: 21.13 x 14.17 x 8.88 inch
  • Exterior Measurements: 23.94 x 16.75 x 10.25 inch
  • Weight: 21.60 pounds
  • Max. Load: 110.23 pounds
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Blue Sea Systems’ Dual USB Charger Socket


Electronic Industries offers a wide selection of Blue Sea Systems’ products. Blue Sea Systems’ Dual USB Charger Socket is easy to install in existing 12V DC socket hold convenient access for charging mobile devices.


  • Compatible with popular mobile devices
  • Protective Cap
  • Easy to Use


  • Maximum output current: 2.1A DC (total)1016B
  • Cut out dimensions: 1 1/8 in (28.58mm) dia. hole
  • Input Voltage: 12V
  • Input Voltage Range: 9-16V
  • Output Voltage5V DC +/-5%
  • Parasitic Current Draw: 15mA
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Yes
  • USB: 2.0

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